2014 season review

We recently attended the 2014 primary review meeting with other clubs and schools who field teams in the primary and mini hockey competitions.  In summary, the proposals put forward by the WHA are:

  • the Y5/6 premier competition will be varied so that:
    • there will be a maximum of 20 teams with a maximum of 2 per club (initially)
    • games will be played at NHS2 and Elsdon so that big goals and marked circles can be used
    • PCs will be played
    • goalies will be optional (but KJHC will encourage, and buy gear for)
  • goalies will be allowed to register in one grade as a goalie and in a lower grade as a field player, and play both games every weekend
  • Wellington Hockey have engaged Devendra Patel to be onsite and run primary hockey at NHS on Saturday mornings
  • registration fees are likely to increase (for the first time in 5 years)
  • NZ Hockey are introducing a compulsory online registration system in 2015

These are now being considered by the Youth Advisory Council