2016 Pre-Season Training

Our popular pre-season programme is a first in first served programme. Please avoid disappointment and register early for this programme, and we confirm places based on registration received (via our website) and subsequent direct credit deposit of pre-season fee into our club account.

Programme changes

Feedback from the annual survey and coach forum has resulted in us providing more turf space for this course. Juniors in school years 3-6 will participate in the first hour, seniors in school years 7/8 in the second hour. To off-set the cost of this a fee increase has been applied to the five week programme. The 2016 fee for pre-season is $35 per child.

Programme Dates

*NHS = National Hockey Stadium Newtown

  1. Saturday 13th Feb 3-5pm NHS 2
    (Juniors yr3-6 @3pm/Seniors yr7/8 @4pm)
  2. Saturday 20th Feb 3-5pm NHS 2
    (Juniors yr3-6 @3pm/Seniors yr7/8 @4pm)
  3. Saturday 27th Feb 2:30-4:30pm NHS2
    (Juniors yr3-6 @2:30pm/Seniors yr7/8 @3:30pm) Nb. Slightly earlier start time
  4. Saturday 5th March 3-5pm NB. @ Elsdon
    (Juniors yr3-6 @3pm/Seniors yr7/8 @4pm)
  5. Saturday 12th March 3-5pm NHS2
    (Juniors yr3-6 @3pm/Seniors yr7/8 @4pm)

*Please note the small time change for pre-season training on 27th Feb and change of venue for March 5th.

Theory Session

The Club is holding a hockey theory session prior to our year 7/8 pre-season session on Saturday 12th March. All players transitioning from 6 to 11-aside will find it helpful to attend and are invited to do so whether they are enrolled in pre-season training or not. Come along – all welcome

When: Saturday 12th March, 3pm
Where: NHS
Cost: Free