Questions and Answers

How do we select our teams?

Our teams are chosen based on where they live, friendships, coach allocation, and the ability of individual children. We don’t hold any trials for team selection.

How many children will be in each team?

The number of children in each team varies, but we try to keep the teams small enough to ensure lots of turf time with enough extras to cover when people are away. The Committee works through this once we know how many children we are allocating into teams, and they look to sort them into the best possible cohorts with all our resources available.

We have a great group of coaches for the upcoming season and so have good resources for our ever growing club.

Where will my child practice?

Practice times may be viewed at playing for KJHC once teams have been selected and coaches appointed. 

Is my child expected to attend all practices?

We strongly encourage all year 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 players to attend their practices, assuming they are in good health. If they aren’t feeling 100%, please err on the side of caution and follow government guidelines regarding Covid 19. We believe attending practices is the best way for players to develop a sense of team and to develop and extend their hockey skills.