Wellington U13 Development and Representative Programmes

Some information on the Wellington Hockey Association’s Development & Representative Programmes. See Wellington Under-13 Representatives for a list of previous KJHC players selected for these programmes.

Participation in these programmes incurs a cost.  Below we list a general guide of what to expect.  Please note feedback suggests the full costs are not well explained by WHA, so our intention here is to outline the possibilities but we are not in anyway involved or in control of charges from WHA to you for these programmes year-to-year.  These are rough estimates only:

  • The pre-trial development programme will likely incur a charge.  Estimated $40
  • All those who trial pay a $20 (estimate only) trial fee
  • The in-house one-day camp (including a training t-shirt) may be charged for $85
  • Players must purchase their own uniform and socks $195-$265 (costs vary year-to-year)
  • U13 Hatch and Collier teams can expect to pay a $800 “equalisation” fee which covers training fees, transport and accommodation to national tournaments, wherever located.  Additional costs include the cost of quad tournaments, food, coach and manager costs, and local transport.  All up, expect to pay around $1,500.
  • U13 Curtis and Rawleigh teams pay a $250 training fee, plus all actual costs for tournament (e.g. food, accommodation).  This will usually be around $450. All up, expect to pay just over $1,000.
  • Teams often fundraise to reduce and support the costs of these tournaments.