Team Tsunami 2021. Image credit: Alice Andersen.

The Karori Junior Hockey Club (KJHC) is based in the suburb of Karori, Wellington, and caters for primary school aged children who live or go to school in Karori and the local suburbs. Back in the days when hockey was played on grass we used to have a home base at Karori Park, but now we play at venues with artificial surfaces all over Wellington.

KJHC is run entirely with volunteer effort and dedication.  Every team has a coach and a manager and at a club level we have coaching support and a committee that runs year-round to organise all the clubs people, logistics and happenings.  

Key dates

Training for junior hockey begins the week of 24th of April and the first games of the season will be the 29th April. The last games of the season will be the 16th September 2023.

No games are held during school holidays or long weekends.

Training times

Year 3/4

Thursdays 4-5pm Kelburn Normal School Turf (on Kowhai Road across from the main school).

Year 5/6

Thursdays 4-5pm at Marsden Collegiate or Karori Normal (TBC by team soon).

Year 7/8 Girls

Thursdays 4-5pm at Marsden Collegiate.

Year 7/8 Boys

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm at Newlands College.

Keep in the loop

A very warm welcome to the 2023 hockey season! We’re looking forward to another fun year for our players, full of opportunities to grow their skills and friendships in hockey:

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