Playing for Us

We’ve pulled together a bunch of information that hopefully covers all you need to know about playing for us including: 

If you still have questions, please visit our FAQs page, before contacting our membership convenor.

Am I eligible to play for KJHC and how do I sign up?

Registration will open annually in February and a close date is set in March. An online registration form will be available from the front page of this site when registrations are open.  Registering for pre-season training is a separate registration and does not register your player for the winter season.

Eligibility for registration with our club is based on your child either living or attending a school in our local community.  Our community includes the following suburbs: Makara, Karori, Kelburn, Northland, Wilton, Thorndon, Wadestown, Kaiwharawhara, Crofton Downs, Ngaio or Khandallah.  If you live and go to school outside these suburbs please contact us and we will refer you to your local club.

We don’t hold any trials for our players.

Please contact our convenor if you have any further questions.

Fair Play Promise

All players and caregivers are expected to comply with our Fair Play Promise. Good sport is about positive attitude. You can help set the right tone and help make the game a success. Play your part — play fair.

In essence:

  • play by the rules
  • never argue with an official
  • give 100% at practice and in games
  • show a commitment to team practices
  • wear the correct uniform
  • remember to thank your coach, the officials, the opposition and supporters
  • help others in your team when you can
  • avoid putting people down or bullying them.

Pre-season training

This is a way for our players to get into hockey mode before the season starts. It is hosted for four Sundays at the National Hockey Stadium in Newtown. See our calendar for more details.

What team will my child play in?

We usually offer teams for the following age groups and grades:

Year at schoolGrade
3 & 4Mini Sticks – Experienced/development
5 & 6Kiwi Sticks
7 & 8Kiwi  Sticks – 7-aside (includes goalie)

Wellington Hockey Association (WHA) run a Funsticks programme for school years 1 & 2.  Players need to register directly with WHA for this programme.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the grades in which KJHC enter.

Who will coach my child’s team?

All teams have coaches and managers appointed to them.  As well as parent coaches (most of whom have significant playing and coaching experience), we have coaches from the Karori (Senior) Club, as well as student coaches from the local high schools (who are supported by parent assistant coaches and managers).

Coaches are divided into two types – training coaches and weekend/game coaches.  This allows us to maximise the talents of coaches who may not be available to take trainings, but are willing and able to commit time at the weekends.

Training is usually run in cohorts, in after school time slots and evening times, with coaches leading training for two or three teams together, with the assistance of parents and student coaches.

Will my child’s team practice and where?

Every year we allocate training turf times to teams based on what turf we can secure in the Wellington area and coach availability times.  We are able to indicate possible or likely training times for teams, but cannot confirm these times until teams are selected and coaches are appointed. 

We understand this can make planning ahead very difficult, but we are 100% reliant on volunteer coaches and it is some exercise to sort turf and coach availability every year.  That said around 97% of our players are able to make their allocated training slot each year.

Where will my child’s team play and when?

All primary hockey is played on Saturday mornings, between 7.30am and 1pm. Wellington Hockey organises the draw and closer to game time will allocate the venue of matches.

Potential Playing Venues

Year 7 & 8Elsdon (Porirua), Fraser Park (Lower Hutt), NHS (Newtown), Maidstone (Upper Hutt), Paraparaumu
Year 5 & 6Fraser Park (Lower Hutt), Paraparaumu, Elsdon (Porirua), NHS (Newtown), Scots College (Kilbirnie), Indian Sports Centre (Kilbirnie), Newlands Tennis Club (Newlands), Raroa Intermediate (Johnsonville), Wellington College (City)
Year 3 & 4Scots College (Kilbirnie), Raroa Intermediate (Johnsonville), Indian Sports Centre (Kilbirnie), Newlands Tennis Club (Newlands), Wellington College (City)
Year 1 & 2Wellington Indoor Indians Centre, Kilbirnie

How much will it cost to join the club?

Years 3 & 4$115.00
Years 5 & 6$130.00
Years 7 & 8$170.00

Our Club Policy is to provide playing shirts on a loan basis to our members.  We charge $40 for non-returned or lost player shirts.

If you are experiencing financial hardship where support for your child’s fees would enable their involvement in hockey, please talk to us as soon as possible by sending a confidential email to our convenor.

If you would like to sponsor a child’s sub, please email us.

Is there a uniform and what equipment do I need?

Just Hockey provide great service to our Club and offer competitive prices.

Hockey Stick  
Waist high is a good size guide. Older players could seek their coach’s expertise prior to purchase for some tipsJunior Players – $30.00 – $40.00
Experienced or representative players – $50.00 – $300.00
Just Hockey, Newtown
Ph 389 4384
Most players prefer some sort of cross trainer with good grip especially on Sand Turf. Having ankle support and some cushioning are the main considerations.$50.00 – $160.00Just Hockey, Newtown and other sports shops
Karori Junior Hockey Club Uniform
Shorts (Black Lotto Self-Stripe same as Karori Waterside Soccer shorts)Approx   $45.00Just Hockey and other sports shops
Socks – black with white turnover topApprox $20.00Just Hockey, Newtown
Karori Junior Hockey topsProvided by club 
Protective Equipment  
Mouth Guard (COMPULSORY)
(It’s an idea to have a spare as they are easily lost)
$7.00 – $60.00Custom mouth guards are available from Ben Catherwood – dentist, see below
Soccer shin pads are fine or specialist Hockey shin pads are also available
$15:00 – $60.00 Just Hockey and other sports shops

Custom Made Mouth Guards

Ben Catherwood (dentist) makes custom mouth guards for many of our members.   A quick appointment is needed at his clinic on the Terrace where a mould is taken for the custom mouth guard and then its about a week for it to be returned once manufactured.  If you are keen to get a custom guard contact to book a suitable time. 


The Club is concerned about providing the best possible safe environment in which to play hockey, however the Club can take no responsibility for personal injury incurred during any Club activity.

The Club ensures every team manager is allocated a First Aid kit to take to games and training.

Apart from benefiting the team aspects, warming-up and warming-down (including stretching) helps prevent muscle injuries and soreness. Drinking plenty of water before and after games or training sessions is beneficial. Failure to keep adequately hydrated can significantly affect performance.  Drink bottles should never be shared.


Games on turf venues are rarely cancelled even in cold wet weather.  It makes sense to wear something warm (preferably black woollen or polyester polyprop), underneath the playing shirt during a game and have a tracksuit or warm clothing to wear before, during (while a substitute), and after a game.

Games are rarely cancelled but if it is, a message will be posted on the Wellington Hockey App.  You can download the App and set your notifications to receive notifications for your age group.  In addition your team manager or the Club Convenor will also email or text you where possible.  The App will likely be the fastest and most reliable way to receive any cancellations.

KJHC coaches and managers are not permitted to unilaterally cancel a game – if the weather is in doubt, go to the ground and the coaches/turf duty team will decide whether the conditions are safe to play in.  If a team is contacted by another club regarding cancelling or making a change to a game, the team should refer this to the Club Convenor.

Prize Giving

We don’t hold a club prize giving however, we provide certificates, trophies (year 7 & 8), and medals (year 3 & 4) and encourage each team to plan their own end of season celebration.