• Resources for Parents  — the involvement of parents in the athletic experience of their children is a given, but it is often a bigger responsibility than what parents can realise. A parent’s involvement affects their own child, the coach, the rest of the team, the other parents and the officials. In the age of the internet there is a wide range of information and advice available for parents readily available.
  • Resources for Team Managers — our team managers play a crucial role in keeping our teams running smoothly during the course of the season. They are also an essential connector between teams and the committee. Feedback from our managers says this is not an onerous role and is a great way to be involved.
  • Resources for coaches —  information and links available to assist you in developing as a coach and to assist your session planning.
  • Umpiring Resources — umpires are crucial figures on the hockey turf and each year they officiate thousands of games at all levels of the sport throughout the country. At KJHC we rely on our coaches, parents and students to assist us to ensure our games are umpired every week.