Being a Goalie

My thoughts on being a Goalie – Roman, 2016

It’s cool to be a goalie because you are unique from all the other players, and you have the potential to make or break a game. It’s unlike many other positions in hockey, as you are able to use any part of your body to save the ball.

In order to be a goalkeeper in hockey, you have to have the courage to get in front of, and save any shots that come in the way of the goal, no matter how fast they are going, or where the opposition shoots it.

Goalkeeping also requires you to lead your team’s defense, as you have a better view of the game than anyone else in your team, and can instruct your team to mark any unmarked players, or fill any gaps in the field. Besides that, you also have to have strength and athleticism, and be able to dive for a ball in an instant, whenever you are needed to. Your reflexes need to be cat-like.

Finally, you need to have a positive, give it a go attitude, as being a goalie is about having fun, as well as having to be a leader, and having courage and athleticism. Goalkeeping is a thrilling, exhilarating, and impressive position, and that’s why it’s so terrific.

Roman P:

  • was selected to KJHC Boys P2 team, 2016 and played in field
  • was selected to KJHC Boys P1 team, 2016 and played goalie
  • was selected for Wellington’s Hatch Cup U13 Team as their goalie

KJHC looks forward to hearing about Roman in goal in the years ahead.

KJHC process for selection as a goalie

Players can contact the convenor and request specialist goalie training at the Clubs pre-season programme

Players can trial for goalie by stating their preferred position as ‘goalie’ in their online season registration.

Wellington Hockey has a special rule for goalies. Goalies can play for one team and play in field for another grade. This means goalies are the only registered members who can play two games of hockey in a day. This can provide great depth of hockey experience for budding hockey enthusiasts.