Resources for Parents

The involvement of parents in the athletic experience of their children is a given, but it is often a bigger responsibility than what parents can realise.  A parent’s involvement affects their own child, the coach, the rest of the team, the other parents and the officials. In the age of the internet there is a wide range of information and advice available for parents readily available.

Video to assist parents in selecting the right stick length for their child

Stick length information for coaches to guide parents and players

Health and Safety

The most important job at hockey is to keep our young players safe.  This job requires a team effort with the club, coaches, team managers, parents and umpires all working together to promote and sustain a safe environment.

For more information about the key health and safety please click here to go through to our club health and safety information designed for everyone involved in keeping our kids safe.  Health and Safety info for coaches, managers and umpires

Parenting Athletes

Information for parents: supporting children in sport 
YouTube clip on sideline behaviour from parents
Link to Wayne Goldsmith for parents with kids involved in sport

There is a variety of leading sports information for coaches, athletes and their parents on the AUT website.  There are podcasts available too.  You can sign up to receive emails and alerts.  The link below is an example of the information available at AUT and is an interesting read about developing confidence in kids.  Confidence sits among other essential key elements in the sports psychology realm (probably true of life in general too).  AUT Millennium Athlete Development Info

Athlete Development Information

Guidelines for athlete development, training hours and late specialisation in sport
Supporting kids to develop in sport: a resource for coaches and parents
Athlete development research
Sport NZ Balance is Better Booklet
Sport NZ Talent Plan