KJHC Team Selection Process

At KJHC we select teams in years 3/4 and 5/6 grade considering things like friendship requests, carpooling accommodations and coach availability.  Once players are in 5/6 premier or 7/8 divisions the club runs trials to determine our team selection decisions.  The aim of our policy and procedures is to ensure that selection decisions are made fairly and consistently, taking into account player development, team viability and available resources.  Every year the structure of the grades can change instigated by Wellington Hockey as the tournament director.

We are seeking to achieve all kids are playing in the most appropriate grade for their current development stage.  Ideally we want kids to have a wee bit of stretch so they are challenged while still being able to apply skills with competence.  We now have a few years of trials data, and the longitudinal data is both interesting and informative for our committee.  Year-to-year data shows evidence that kids will develop best when they are in a relatively comfy grade for them. 

As the club chooses to run trials for our older players, it is important to emphasise that players are scored on how they perform on the trial day.  Our own testing protocols show the data accuracy is very high on the day but may well vary if we were looking at how a player performs over an extended time.  We understand from time-to-time children can be disappointed with their selection.  We are happy to provide their trials data if this might help them understand where they can improve. 

At KJHC we are committed to running a fair and fun trials process. We actively manage bias in the decision making process and use an evidence based approach to our decision making. Please see our video for more information.