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News updates from our Club.

2016 Teams

Kwik Sticks (year 7/8)

Kwik Sticks (11-aside)

Karori Boys A Team / P1

Coach: Julie Schultz

Assistant Coach: Katie Mackenzie

Manager: Yvette/Helen

Training : Wednesdays, Elsdon, 4-5pm

Jonathan A

William A

Fraser B

Olaf B

Harry B

Fynn B

Timothy C

Oliver E

Sam F

Harry G

Tom G

Hamish N

Roman P (goal keeper)

Lasse R

Karori Boys B Team / P2

Coach: Steve Mackle

Assistant Coach: Ben McCarthy

Manager: Kate Forgie

Training: Thursdays, Wellington College, 6.30-7.30pm

 Josh E

Jack G

Peter H

Jack LM (goal keeper)

Luke M

Benji M

Ben M

Quin MC

Stanley M

Otto N

Roman P

Joseph S

Tim S

Mikhail S

Karori Girls A Team / P1

Coaches: Kahu Kirikiri and Rithy Pho

Umpire: Sorita Pho

Manager: Anna D

Training: Tuesdays, Elsdon, 7-8pm

Zara B

Ruby CW

Tilly D

Jessica D

Kianna D

Sarah J

Maia K

Juliet L

Cara P

Riana P

Kate R (goal keeper)

Emily S

Reina S

Mia W

Karori Girls B Team / P2

Coaches: Ngatau Hemopo and Jacqui Bird

Manager: Sandy Hoggarth

Training: Tuesdays, Wellington College, 6.30-7.30pm

Bronte HF

Maia H

Bella H

Hannah H

Cayle LB

Rata N

Ruby P

Athena P

Isabel R

Maddie S

Charlotte T

Kate W

Jessica W

Karori Girls C Team / P3

Coach: Murray Jones

Nb. Murray will be away first 5 weeks of term 2, coaches will be: Tim Fowler and Philippa Plummer during this period

Assistant Coach: Katharina V

Manager: Susan Hockley

Training: Wednesdays, Wellington College, 6.30-7.30pm

Imogen B (goal keeper)

Brook dT

Rebecca H

Isla J

Rishika K

Rebecca L

Esme M

Violet N

Khushi P

Kate R

Katherine R

Lulu S

Rose S

Aria T

Kwik Sticks (6-aside)

Karori Boys C / 6-aside year 7/8

Cohort Coach: Steve Mackle

Team Coach: Rose B

Manager: Angela Craig

Training: Thursdays, Wellington College, 6.30-7.30pm (with boys B team)

Mitchell A

Jack B

Ethan HC

Barnaby LM

Judah M

Luke R

Luke W

Fletcher W


Kiwi Sticks (year 5/6 6-aside)

Cohort 1 (Black, White and Kotare)

Training: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm for Team Kotare and 5:30-6:30pm for Teams Black and White, Wellington College, Basin Reserve 

Cohort Leader: Mark Wright

Karori Black * Experienced Grade (previously premier)

Assistant Coach: Margot S

Umpire: Andrew Jennings

Manager: Andrew Harvey-Green

Rachel B

Zoe K

Amy M

Harry J

Josh HG

Luke S

Adam A

Hugh LM

Karori White * Experienced Grade (previously premier)

Assistant Coach: Quinby B

Umpire: Michael Dudding

Manager: Jo Hiles

Lucy P

Olive LG

Thomas N

James O

Ben D

Findlay W

Hugo N

Hamish D


Karori Kotare

Coach: Mark Wright

Assistant Coach: Ella Caryle

Manager: Jane Knight

Fern K

Jade F

Libby S

Sophia J

Lucy B

Ruby W

Alex B


Cohort 2 (Kaka, Kakariki and Kea)

Training: Wednesdays 6-7pm Wellington Girls College, Thorndon

Cohort Leader: Kelvin Giles


Coach: Kelvin Giles

Assistant Coach: Pip Bladwin

Manager: Iona Manning

Emily A

Neve E

Annabel A

Bella M

Charlotte G

Sarah D

Theodora G



Coach: Thijs Nicholas

Manager: Kaye Stirling

Caroline J

Grace W

Eleanor D

Annabelle S

Isobel A

Bruno N

Liam M

Ru B

Joseph S



Weekend Coach: Cas Cinque

Manager: Mandy Harrald

Jami H

Zoe H

Charlotte C

Henry B

Jasper C

Fred I

Laurel T

Cohort 3 (Silver and Kiwi)

Training: Mondays 3:45-4:45pm Karori Normal School

Cohort Leader: Nik Colgate


Silver – Experienced Reserve *previously called premier reserve

Coach: Nik Colgate

Manager: Louisa Marks

Maia P

Caitlin P

Kate C

Jack J

Cassia B

Arabella M

Jack F



Coach: William C

Coach Mentor: Kate Cameron

Manager: Lynette Angus

Charlotte H

Georgie C

Sarah A

Sophie W

Tori Angus

Annabelle M

Sophie S

Matthew M

Cohort 4 (Kokako)

Training: Thursday KNS 4-5pm


Coach: Kim Meredith

Assistant Coach: Hugh Stevens

Saturday umpire: Tim Ansley

Manager: Cheryl Pennicott

Mila A

Annika LB

Georgie P

Charlotte M

Edie B

Barnaby S

Alex V

Amelia S

Mini Sticks (year 3/4)

Please note all year 3&4 players train at the Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Hockey Turf.  This is situated at the Marsden Avenue school entrance.  Training: 4-5pm Thursdays.  Our Cohort Leader is John McCrystal.

Karori Kotuku

Coach: John McCrystal (Cohort Leader)

Manager: Kirralee Mahoney

Nell LM

Emily C

Lucy M

Jack M

Billie LB

George S

Zac F

Karori Korimako

Coach: Shaun O’Brien

Cohort Leader: John McCrystal

Manager: Darryl Todd

Hudson T

Asha T

Henry O

Miles B

Lulu E

Zoe C

Ursula L

Karori Kereru

Coach: Sophia M

Cohort Leader: John McCrystal

Coach Mentor: Jen Feltham

Manager: Lizzie Brow

Olivia MG

Orla S

Moya S

Riley B

Joshua F

Calvin D

Tommy B

Karori Kakapo

Coach: Samantha GN

Cohort Leader: John McCrystal

Coach Mentor: Caroline Wood

Manager: Willow Sainsbury

Isabelle HG

Bay Edith J

Ava B

Boston W

Eddie A

Eva D

Cormac W

Riley A

Karori Funsticks

Venue: Wellington South Intermediate

Manager: Amanda Dudding

9-10am Saturdays *commencing Saturday 14th May

Alexandra M

Alexia BP

Grace L

Lewie D

Theo W


Wellington Hockey Season Opening

From the Senior club …

Come join us in the Karori Tent at the WHA season opening.

We will have free nibbles and drinks for anyone hanging out in the tent along with the ability to purchase merchandise (socks, hoodies etc) purchase raffle tickets for some awesome prizes and guess how many lollies in the jar.

Hope to see you all there making a great day of it and supporting the K1 men in their first game back in Premier One and the K1 Women starting their title defence.

There will also be other fun events including face painting for the kids!