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Team Announcements 2019

Year 5/6 Premier Squad  – Teams to be determined at a later stage
Coaches: John M and Darryl T
Team Managers: To be appointed after teams determined
We have hit issues with booking times and turf for this cohort.  John will advise an update asap.
Bay J
Benjamin H
Billie LB
Cormac W
Eddie A
Finn F
Henry J
Hudson T
Iris E
Isabelle HG
Jack B
Lewie D
Lexi M
Nadia B
Nell LM
Phoenix B
Will F

Year 5/6 Team 3 & Team 4
Cohort Coaching Lead: Jane P
Training at Wellington Girls College 6-7pm Wednesdays

Coach: Simon H
Assistant Coaches: Gwyneth W and James OB
Team Managers: Kate and Andrew HG
Alex D
Alexandra M
Emma HG
Eve-Monet S
Hamish L
Hugo H
Moya G
Poppy S
Sienna O

Coach: Jo H
Assistant Coaches: TBC
Team Managers: TBC
Benji M
Drew F
Eleanor K
Georgia H
Hannah J
Liam F
Lily P
Madeline T
Pita GR

Year 3 & 4 Cohort
Training at Marsden 4-5pm Thursdays
Additional Thursday coaches: Tilly D, Kate W and Ben D

Year 3/4 Team 1
Coach: Kenneth T
Team Manager: Rebecca S
Alexander T
Amelia B
Arthur O
Duncan B
Emilie S
Grace F
Michelle K
Olivia K
Rose F

Year 3/4 Team 2
Coach: Patrick G
Team Manager: Penny M
Fabian M
Flora G
John C
Mikayla S
Paige H
Patrick T
Sophia S
Theo W
Van A

Year 3/4 Team 3
Coaching Team: Kyley K, Paula A, Fiona P
Team Manager: Rebecca B
Aimee F
Charlie K
Courtney S
Marcus C
Max D
Olivia L
Riley A
Samuel H
Tavish T

P1 Boys Team
Coaches: Tim F and William C
TM: Shaun O’B
Training 5:15-6:30pm NHS3 Tuesdays *training starts this Tuesday for P1’s

Ben D
Ben F
Cameron J
Hamish D
Harry J
Henry OB
Josh HG  GK
Lucas P
Ned D
Ollie H
Thomas KF
Tommy B
Zac F

P1 Girls Team
Coaches: Deb K and Pip B
TM: Jo H
Training 5:15-6:30pm NHS3 Tuesdays *training starts this Tuesday for P1’s

Bella M
Charlotte G
Charlotte M
Ellie C
Ellie OB
Emily A
Georgie C
Jessie H
Kate C
Lucy P
Neve E
Rhianna P  GK
Sarah D
Teddy G

P2 White Boys Team
Coach: Thijs N
TM: Will C
Training 4:15-5:30pm NHS3 Tuesdays

Bruno N
Caleb M
Cameron M
Fergus M
Jasper L
Johnny P
Joseph S
Joshua F
Nikolai L
Oliver P
Riley B
Riley A
Theo M
Tom L
Will C

P2 Black Boys Team
Coach: TBA
TM: Kirsty B
Training 4:15-5:30pm NHS3 Tuesdays

Alex A
Ben McL
Calvin D
George Sc
George St
Henry M
Hugh McK
Hugo P
Jack M
James C
Jock H
Sam B
Sandy G
Vincent B
Zach W

P2 Girls Team
Coach: Kim
TM: Nic T
Training 4:15-5:30pm NHS3 Tuesdays

Amy H
Annabel A
Ellie M
Holly T
Holly M
Isabella C
Kate R
Matilda D
Maya C
Naomi S
Sienna P
Sophie G
Sophie J
Sophie T
Sylvie MT