Health and Safety at KJHC

Promoting and sustaining a safe environment is the number one priority for our club, coaches, team managers, parents and players.

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KJHC Health and Safety Policy

WHA Concussion Policy

Concussion Policy

WHA have drafted a concussion policy which is now on the WHA website (under Key Documents) and is to be used for all WHA competitions.  Clubs are asked to advise coaches and managers of this.


The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Keep hockey players safe by:
    1. Raising awareness of concussion symptoms among players, officials and staff
    2. Outlining the steps that players and officials must take if there is a suspected concussion incident during training or games, and
  2. To adopt a policy that corresponds to other full contact New Zealand sporting organizations and New Zealand Hockey National Associations.

The policy outlines the process required for the following:

  1. When a player receives an injury from an impact to the head,
  2. When a player returns to play hockey,
  3. Training of players and officials; and
  4. Enforcement.

It is supported by references and links to ACC Sportsmart and national guidelines.